Monday, September 29, 2008

Cindy's Menu

WOW, it's been forever for me too!! Anyway, I'm not even sure I've had a 'menu' for planning...LOL! We are finally getting back into the routine after summer, then that crazy IKE coming through and knocking everything crazy!!

Here goes:

Monday - Chicken Pot Pie

Tuesday - Baked honey ham, mac & cheese, steamed broccoli and cookie cake for BDAY!!

Wednesday - Taco Ring

Thursday - Chicken Tetrazenni

Friday - Peek a boo casserole, garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli cornbread

MAN, I don't think I've cooked everyday of the week in forever!! Anyway....these are pretty much things I've cooked before, so, the recipes should be on here!! Happy eating!!!


Kathy said...

I was just thinking of taco ring the other night when we had soft tacos! Yummm... Ok, I don't remember the peek-a-boo casserole?!?!? fill us in!!!

Cindy said...

ooppps, my bad, LOL!! Must be all these babies my friends are having right's called the NO PEEK Casserole....hahahaha!!! Thanks for keeping me honest Kathy...heehee!