Friday, October 19, 2007

A little about us...

Hi! I just wanted to introduce us... We are three friends (best buds) that love to cook and try new recipes. I wanted to start this blog mainly for selfish reasons. ;) lol... We three are always loosing recipes and are calling each other and begging the other to email it to us. Well, no more!!! Now, all our favorite recipes will all be in one place. We three girls always call each other and ask what's on the menu for the next week before we go to the grocery store. We've even been asked by other friends what to cook - well, here it is!!! Now we don't have to email them our recipes anymore. Too much work!! ;) lol...

My husband, no1here, also loves to cook. I'm a recipe follower and he's the type that creates recipes!!! We are a great team. He will submit his favorites on occasion but wants to remain behind the scenes. I've told the girls in our image up top, that he's the guy that's half cut off on the left. :)

I'm an at-home-mom to four kids. They are sometimes picky eaters but we have a 1 bite rule that has really helped over the years. They are eating and loving dishes now that I didn't ever think they would.

The recipes we post on here are recipes that we've tried and loved! If you have any favorites - please send them our way and we'll give 'em a try.

Until next time...

Happy cooking,
Kathy <3

P.S. I'll let the other two girls tell you about themselves!

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