Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sorrry about the delay....

but, I'm really embarrased to put up my menu for the week. It's very lame! Anyway, here it goes:

Monday - Fish sticks for the kids and Mexican Fish for me...will put recipe at bottom.
Tuesday - Tuna Helper Creamy Parmesan...I know you are all going YUCK, but this is the best tuna and my kids devour it! They don't even know they are eating tuna. You will have to try it!
Wednesday - "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" - fast and quick hot dogs with chili and cheese with Fritos on the side for frito pies.
Thursday - Slow Cooker beef stew ( ) I love all these McCormick slow cooker packets!!

**Don't know what's in store for the weekend yet! I'll let ya'll know as soon as I come up with some stuff!

Mexican Baked Fish ( )...I made this for Bunko and everyone loved it!!

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