Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kid Favorite...

Well, tonight is burgers on the grill and no one makes a better burger than my mother-in-law!!! Whenever we go home to visit, it is our tradition to always have burgers Sunday at lunch before we all leave. She only uses one ingredient too - Worchestershire! She just pours it over the meat and pats out the patties. OMGosh, they are the best!!!

** It took me 17 years, but I finally figured out why my MIL's burgers are the best in the world - #1 it's the loving hands that make them, but #2 it's the meat that she buys from Granzin's Meat Market!!! Now everytime we go home, we buy several pounds to take back with us!!!

Anyway, another kid pleaser that's a favorite in our house is Burger Bites... Make your patties the way you normally would, but much smaller. When they come off the grill serve them on Hawaiian Rolls!!! My kids LOVE these!!! Such a unique combination. My kids especially love it when I serve the Bites in the cute little restaurant baskets. Don't forget the fries on the side! :)

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