Thursday, April 16, 2009

My oldest son loves punch...

I'm not sure when I came across this recipe?! I knew I needed to give it a try - for my son's sake, of course!!! ;) He loved it!!! If you have any tried-and-true punch recipes - please share them. My oldest will thank you, and so will I!!!

Strawberry Limenade

1 1/2 cups pineapple juice
1/2 cup orange juice
1 T. freshly squeezed lime juice
1/2 cup sugar
1 pkg. frozen strawberries (in sugar)
4 1/2 cups lemon-lime soda

Place juices and sugar in a pitcher and stir well. Add strawberries and mix again. Slowly add lemon-lime soda. Serve immediately.


Katherine Aucoin said...

I like this, way better than Sonic. Your are sweet to make this for your son.

Heidi said...

I made a great one for my daughter birthday party. You put 1/2 gallon strawberry sherbet in a punch bowl. Pour 2 (64 oz) bottles of fruit punch and a 2-litter of sprite over the sherbet. That is it! It is SO GOOD. The sherbet makes it creamy and wonderful :)

Kathy said...

Did you see my "wink"? I love punch as much as he does!!! lol... I think I'll try the cherry limeade punch next. It's suppose to be JUST like Sonic!!! It's so neat to hear of other foodie-friends that know about Sonic!!! My fav!!!

Kathy said...

Thanks Heidi - I'll definitely give it a try!!! I really like to offer other options, especially when they're 13 and all they want is soft drinks!!!

Rachel said...

This sounds so refreshing! My son is only 4 and is CONSTANTLY asking for pop, so this would be a great alternative! (At least it has some nutritional value, right?!?)

Kathy said...

Rachel, Well who could blame them??? "Pop" is soooo good!!! As they're small, we let them have 1/2 a glass a day - only if they've done a good job of eating "grow food" first. Then when they reach preteen age range, they only get 1 can a day. Who knows what we'll do when they're older?!?!

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Kathy said...

How exciting!!! I will contact you tomorrow! :o)